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Address: Matou township development zone, Zouping, China
Zip Code: 256214
Tel :0086-543-4762248 4761766
Fax :0086-543-4761988
Zouping Xingtai Coal Co., Ltd
Zouping Xingtai Coal Co., Ltd
Zouping County, located in Xingtai Coal Terminal town, the registered capital of 60 million yuan, covering 200 acres, more than 300 workers, advanced equipment, strict management. Zouping Xingtai Coal Industry Limited company was founded in 2007, the registered capital of 60000000 yuan. The company's main wholesale coal, at the dock to build the main coal fields, in Zouping, Hebei, Shanxi, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Chang and other places to build a coal yard. Zouping coal market to seize the huge opportunities, and gradually increase investment in product quality control links to increase the most advanced laboratory equipment, business processes for strict control and management, in strict accordance with the modern company management mode, so that the company's product quality assurance, sales channels, sales management and timely, reducing the cost of the company's internal delivery, reduce the loss, reduce the cost, and achieved remarkable results. The company firmly establish the integrity management philosophy, and the user established a long-term stable cooperative partnership, honest, trustworthy, to achieve mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, operating performance steadily, in the face of weak domestic coal market, operating advantages. 2012 passed the quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, as the company's outstanding performance, driven by strong, in 2012, China Coal Industry Association named the China coal industry AAA class credit business, the company in the upper and lower travel customers negotiate position greatly enhanced, the company's competitive advantage gradually expanded.