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Address: Matou township development zone, Zouping, China
Zip Code: 256214
Tel :0086-543-4762248 4761766
Fax :0086-543-4761988
Group News
Sanli oil terminal gas station preferential bargain activities 2016-09-04
sanli oil to carry out safety knowledge training 2016-09-04
New equipment installation in textile workshop 2016-07-27
Oil companies to carry out promotional activities 2016-07-27
Three oil gas operation assessment 2016-07-01
Sanli oil preferential notice 2016-07-01
Sanli textile held a special security meeting 2016-07-01
Xingtai Coal held staff driving safety conference 2016-07-01
Xingtai Coal of fruit diseases and pests prevention and control work progress 2016-05-28
Oil companies to carry out the latest rules and regulations of the Learning Co 2016-05-28
Oil companies to carry out on-site health management special rectification 2016-05-28
Notice to adjust the schedule 2016-05-03
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