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Sanli Group 2010 annual summary and a grand awards ceremony held
Sanli Group 2010 annual summary and a grand awards ceremony held

December 31, 2010, three Win gathered back together Gu Sanli Group glorious chapter in 2010, 2011, common vision of a better blueprint.
9:00, Sanli Group 2010 annual summary and a grand awards ceremony was held, all branches, departments and a total of more than 1,000 cadres and workers to participate in the Council

General Assembly high-pitched strong, full of daring, "Song of the three benefits" in had begun.
President of the General Assembly by the union, to head the Office LIU Chang, first vice president Liu Qing law read a third group the "advanced workers on the year 2010 in recognition of the decision," the leading body for the 40 workers, advanced certificate and a certificate of honor awarded The company high-profile praise and give rewards to the advanced, hope they will continue efforts to reward superior performance to the company, hoping that all employees follow the example of the excellent staff, make persistent efforts in the new year to achieve more good results. Advanced workers on behalf of Wang Yanqin, Sun Xueping, Wang Lei, Zhu Dengren, Lishu Zhou, Guo Shuguang, Zhang, Zhang Shuyan based on its own work, from different angles, different aspects of the talk about their serious work, dedication, deeds and moving company.
Liu, general manager of the French army to do a paper entitled "uphold the value of innovative thinking to deepen efforts to promote the company management to a new level of scientific development," the work report for 2010 summarizes the work of review, affirmed the company's achievements in the past year, and 2011 work on the overall deployment. Mr. Liu said in the report, in the past year, all the staff to fully promote the "self-reliance, hard work, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, strong advocacy and practice adapted to contemporary management philosophy, work solid work, all their major economic indicators have reached the best level in history, the successful completion of the mission objectives set in early. The year 2010 more than 50 billion yuan output value, profits and taxes 400 million yuan turned over to state tax revenue of more than 6,000 yuan. Mr. Liu also pointed out that in 2011 the company further change mode of operation and adjust business strategy and management mechanisms to continually improve the internal target assessment, continue to deepen reform, the key to tapping the potential synergies, and also improve efficiency, accelerate development, improve operational efficiency, enhance the development potential, and vigorously promote the enterprise infrastructure management and strategic management, innovation and corporate strategy efforts to achieve leapfrog development in the year. He asked us to seize all the staff development opportunities, meet challenges, chairman of the board to closely unite around the leadership of the company do a good job of party building League Building, courage, hard work, to complete the full year 2011 sales of 7.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes 500 million yuan of the target worked hard, operation and management of the company to a new height, the company better, faster, and make greater contribution!
Chairman of the board made an important speech at the meeting, for us to portray a better blueprint for our future. Let each of us can feel the great prospects of the company, each of us firmly rooted Sanli, Sanli dedication determination to work for our future has a great encouragement and impetus. , Chairman of the cadres and workers want to work together, united, bearing in mind the responsibility, fulfill our mission, in 2011 fighting the good fight.
At noon, the staff started dinner, the restaurant full of people, crowded, everyone's face is filled with happy smiles, we ate, chatted, the General Assembly of the morning of exciting content, have pledged to strive in the workplace hard work, make more contributions to the company.
Afternoon, Sam Lee Year in full swing for the sports activities, tug of war competitions, basketball, badminton tournament, stepped balloon race ... ... variety of activities, cheering, shouting voice, laughter are woven into a melody.
Night, lanterns, neon flashing, the company plant area sleepless nights, filled with festive holiday atmosphere. Sanli theater decorated and turned into a world of flowers, a sea of ​​joy, the three group the New Year Cultural Show 2011 kicked off on time. Terminal Town party secretary Wang Yongzhao, deputy party secretary, mayor Zhao, Germany Engler, president of machinery and equipment manufacturing company, Mr. Wagner, co-chairman Liu law, general manager Liu French, and other leading companies have come to appreciate the scene and all the staff together Highlights of the event, New Year, feel happy and lucky New Year.
Colorful party content: a thrilling qigong, a fun comic, a vibrant dance, beautiful beautiful song, a Youmohuaji mime skit, a heroic spirit of the martial arts, there are laugh out loud clown ... ... colorful evening program will be a climax to a further, fully demonstrated the positive three-Win, unity of spirit, passionate spirit of youth.
Today is a good day, we gather the harvest season; Today is a good day, flying together in the moment we hope. Goodbye today, we will be a new starting point; looking forward to tomorrow, we will be fighting shape with colorful picture even more magnificent.
We use strong arm, so that the three interest groups in high spirits!
We pride hot, loud and clear triumph for the three interest groups!