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Strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of production safety i
Strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of production safety i
The recent production safety accidents, the harm and the influence of the resulting huge security, according to the documents of the state and provincial cities and counties, to strengthen the main responsibility for the implementation of enterprise safety in production, and comprehensively improve the level of safety in production, and made specific provisions, clear and more severe. To further strengthen the work of production safety, the main responsibility for the implementation of safe production of enterprises, the economic development foundation is reliable guarantee for safe production in the. Based on this, although have been commonplace. But there is still a need to in the current situation and requirements so urgent, again stressed that the implementation of the enterprise the main responsibility for production safety problems. A full understanding of the significance, implementation of safety responsibility of enterprises. Can not do a good job of production safety of staff at all levels, especially members of the leadership team must improve their ideological consciousness, fully understand the significance of the implementation of the main responsibility for safety in production enterprises. The main responsibility for the implementation of safe production of enterprises, is the objective requirement of realizing the sustainable development of the enterprise. In the background of the rapid development of economy, is a period of strategic opportunity, but also the contradiction, but also all kinds of accidents prone period. If the enterprise does not explicitly implement the main responsibility for production safety, frequently make security issues, it would not be possible to have a stable social environment, excellent investment environment and good development environment, is bound to cause profound influence to the sustainable development of the enterprises. Two, improve and implement the responsibility system for safety in production enterprises. "Hidden dangers in the fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai" indicates that eliminate hidden dangers is the fundamental, strengthen prevention is the key, to implement the responsibility is the key. (a) the implementation of "a pair of responsibility for production safety". Safe production, a pair of "is to establish and improve the leadership at all levels of production safety responsibility system, mainly responsible for the overall responsibility and other deputy leaders should not only responsible for the in charge of the work of the business, but also in charge of the field of production safety work responsible. The functional departments at all levels in accordance with the "who's in charge, who is responsible, who's approval, who is responsible for" the principle, do a good job of supervisor within the scope of the work of production safety, the formation of "horizontal to edge, vertical in the end, the safe production responsibility system, the establishment of" sooner, the center of gravity of the safe production management mechanism. (two) to ensure that the layers of responsibility for production safety. Should be through the development of safe production target, safety production responsibility to break down into units and departments, team, team and individual workers into jobs. Safety responsibility should be distinguished according to the different responsibilities of personnel at all levels, but the purpose is clear safety responsibility, right and benefit, to form an effective constraint mechanism. Three, the correct understanding of the relationship between safety and efficiency, and ensure the safety in production, the rationality of the effectiveness of investment. After the occurrence of accidents in production, the enterprise bear the economic loss will be very heavy. Therefore, the enterprise must adhere to the "prevention first" concept. Of course, to achieve safe production need to rely on investment protection as the basis, to improve the safety production level and ability, but also need to pay the cost of labor and economy. But the cost of security is not only the cost, more benefit. There is no security, no benefit of enterprise, enterprise with development, difficult to survive. Therefore, reasonable planning, to ensure that the resources used in security technology, safety management and safety education, reduce and prevent accidents, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, to achieve sustainable development. Department of energy / Liang Kai