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The group of companies to carry out safety inspection canteen management
The group of companies to carry out safety inspection canteen management
The staff canteen, security management as the relationship between employee health event, widespread concern by the majority of workers, in order to further enhance the level of safety management of canteen, improve the management system, improve the quality of service, in August 25th, group company office, logistics department organized a canteen safety inspection. Inspection of concrete around several canteen management, food quality, service quality, health and safety, resource conservation and other aspects of comprehensive development, and will be hidden and examined for the presence of the problem, promptly notify the relevant personnel to discuss and canteen and rectification plan, implement rectification measures, promptly eliminate hidden dangers. Based on the safety management of canteen inspection, a comprehensive understanding of the safety management in the company cafeteria overall situation, the company cafeteria by checking each other, mutual learning experience, to further enhance the canteen management level, enhance the canteen staff's awareness of conservation, to do good food safety management, and continuously improve the quality of the food employees, improve employee satisfaction, promote the canteen management service level and then step laid the foundation. Logistics Department / Yang Chanchan