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Company staff training will be held
Company staff training will be held

     In order to improve the quality of staff, to create a team of excellent employees, 2015 September 10, September 11, for a period of two days, in coordination with the wave of group company and Zouping in the school of accounting, hired an outstanding lecturer Duan Huili teacher for our company employees were "successful, outstanding staff from the start" wonderful training, group company: ring spinning, air spinning, Huize technology, heating company, the great wall energy, Liangzhou energy, Xingtai Coal departments participated in the training. The training course was highly valued by the company, the company's departments and employees have also given strong support. The training course a total of more than 900 people to participate in the company's leadership also took time from his busy schedule to participate in the training. In the course of teaching, we concentrate on listening, taking notes carefully, this training to adjust the staff working state, improve the mentality and do a good job of career planning has played a positive role in promoting.
     The training lecturer of teaching experience, the course explains the combination of theory and practice of process middle teacher, the classes lively and interesting, classroom atmosphere is very active. Through this training, not only to enhance the employees' own quality, also let employees know how to be grateful to our parents, Thanksgiving business, thanks to the community, understand the opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, we believe that as long as continue to enrich themselves, striving to be good employees will give their own enterprises and bring win-win.
     After the training, many employees said the training benefit a lot, thanks to the company to arrange the training, hope to outstanding employees of the standard demands on themselves, in the later work of excellence, positive selection, active choice, loyalty and passion, enthusiasm and initiative, Sanli and grow together, progress together, with gratitude and tenacity to usher in a better tomorrow Sanli. At the same time, I hope to participate in more training, so that they become more outstanding!
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