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Preliminary completion of the work of the families of the transformation of hydr
Preliminary completion of the work of the families of the transformation of hydr
     By the end of 10, the energy department of the families of the hospital water and electricity problems, the families of the hospital has been used for a long time, many
     problems, these problems gradually become a potential safety hazard, the energy department has always been to put the safety hazards must be ruled out, the existence of security risks must be excluded, the construction of small high-rise residential area with temporary line removal, construction and distribution of temporary lines to the families of the hospital, the length and specifications of the model is very appropriate, from the construction of the.
     Family member courtyard poor water quality problem has been plagued by every family member courtyard residents, the energy department after transformation of the construction of water pipeline, every house landlord pipeline installation drain valve, to make each and every family of the tap to exclude the clear water, eased the residents water difficult problem.
     Endless work, problems will soon appear, we may not be able to solve all the problems, however, energy department employees will in the sun and the moon alternately change, silently with our labor for the Sanli people's life and create good use of water, electricity and warm environment.
     Energy branch --- Liang Kai