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The compact spinning of ring spinning
The compact spinning of ring spinning
    In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition in the textile industry, the existing products have no competitiveness. In order to enable the company to better development, in the future market to grab one step further, the leadership of the company after repeated research and go out to visit, decided to spinning machine implementation of upgrading, the existing ring spinning equipment changed to compact spinning equipments.
    In order to make the product more quality, the company led by several close spinning equipment manufacturers have chosen the same and compact spinning. With the transport of equipment in place, under the leadership of the arrangement, the formation of a team. And electrical personnel and equipment manufacturers of technical personnel to work together, which lasted two weeks to complete the transformation of the work.
    With the first batch of compact spinning equipment, through many trials and amendments, and finally have a good result, the product of the Mao Yu has reduced by 75%, a strong increase of 15%, improve the competitiveness of our products.
    In order to better Sanli tomorrow, we will be more full of enthusiasm into the work, will produce more advantage products, for the company create more generous benefits.
    Ring spinning / Liu Xiaomei