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Eight aspects of the implementation of the main responsibility for safety in pro
Eight aspects of the implementation of the main responsibility for safety in pro
    Recently, provincial safety video conference held in Zouping County government building conference room and informed of the several large accidents, where the occurrence of safety accidents, most of the time is the reason, so the company each person, always pay attention to safety, can not have the slightest careless, require the company to be more thorough and resolutely implement the main responsibility for production safety, the implementation of a pair of indeed implemented, to implement the main responsibility mainly includes the following eight aspects:
    First, material security: with the conditions of production safety, to provide workers with labor protection products, and to monitor their correct wear and use.
    Two, capital investment: according to the regulations and the use of safety production costs, to ensure that the funds to meet the needs of the safe production conditions; to ensure the safety of production education and training funds.
    Three, institutional setup and personnel are equipped with: set up the safety production management organization, with safety production management personnel.
    Four, formulate rules and regulations: establish and improve the safety production responsibility system and the rules and regulations, operating procedures.
    Five, education and training: organize employees to participate in the safety of production and education training, special post to obtain the relevant certificates.
    Six, safety management: according to the law to strengthen the safety production management; regular organization to carry out safety inspection and targeted special inspection; according to the safety standards of the implementation of major hazard monitoring; timely eliminate hidden trouble; carry out safety education, safety education, safety file set up complete and perfect; the construction period of the construction and other safety, the project management department unified coordination management contract, lease unit safety production work.
    Seven, accident reports and emergency rescue: according to the provisions of the production safety accident; accident rescue; proper handling of the aftermath of the accident.
    Eight, other safety production responsibility, laws, regulations, rules and regulations.