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The group held a positive meeting of probationary party members
The group held a positive meeting of probationary party members
3:00 in the afternoon of January 5, group company on the first floor conference room held probationary member regularization conference, meeting the strict positive of probationary party members in accordance with the relevant provisions, after the Party branch introduced the education investigation applicant, put forward application, Party members: Branch views etc. links to form a branch of the General Assembly resolution. Meeting chaired by Zhu Wangchao, director of the terminal town Party committee and all the formal party members and members of the party, a total of 16 people attended the meeting. First, the branch positive probationary Party member Li Wenchao comrades read positive for books, and associated hooking members read the investigation to the comrades. Subsequently, the presence of Party members to become a full member of the probationary member of the party puts forward the suggestions and opinions, director Yang also to become a full member of the probationary Party member proposed future development requirements. Comrade Li Wenchao the opinions and suggestions of all members of the statement, said it would try to correct the shortcomings existing, deal with the relationship between work and study, to study the current policy, do the thinking closer to the party organization. Then, the presence of formal party member through the form of voting, consistent by Comrade Li Wenchao have positive basic conditions, agreed to the positive schedule. Finally, director Yang delivered a speech to put forward the work of the second half of the semester. Members of this branch are said to be in the second half of the semester to complete the work of a serious and responsible manner, the branch office, the better.