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Standardize management and strive for truth and innovation to forge ahead
Standardize management and strive for truth and innovation to forge ahead
In January 12, 2016 the group 2015 annual summary and commendation conference held a victory, law gradually back Chunhui, Vientiane before updating. We bid farewell to the success of 2015, ushered in a hopeful 2016. The conference kicked off in the majestic, resounding powerful song "in". First, the general assembly by the relevant responsible person read Sanli group the about to 2015 year advanced workers to commend decision ", after the company leadership to 2015 a total of 73 advanced workers issued a certificate of honor, high-profile company recognition of advanced and give rewards, hope they continue to work hard, with excellent results to return the company, at the same time, I hope all staff to outstanding employees as an example, make persistent efforts, in the new year has more excellent performance. Advanced workers have said that the future should be based on their own jobs, for the development of the company to contribute their own strength. Representatives of the advanced workers on behalf of the floor, they talked about their work from different angles, different aspects of the company's moving deeds. The company is mainly responsible for the 2015 annual work was summarized, and the 2016 plan to do a comprehensive exposition, they start from their own work, the company's development in 2016 is full of confidence and courage. Finally, general manager Liu Fajun made a work report and important instructions. Report on the work of 2015 to review the safety of production as a precondition to economic efficiency as the center, at the same time to institutional construction, standardized management as the way. The construction of learning type organization "as an important content of the construction team to catch, meeting general manager pointed out to to improve the overall quality of staff is the most important task, the implementation according to the training plan, strengthen leadership and staff team building, efforts to build enterprises learning, and knowledge organization. General manager emphasized after the Spring Festival will comprehensively promote the labor, distribution and system innovation, and linked to the job and performance salary system is established, the company will closely around the position clear and compensation socialization, performance bonuses and welfare diversification "four modernizations" as the goal, and comprehensively promote the enterprise salary system reform. And pay close attention to the system reform and innovation, years will further improve the evaluation methods and bonus distribution system, initially established new system of organization of management network, built a promoted or demoted, a, can fully arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of employees in the mechanism. In order to enrich the leisure life of workers, the proper adjustment of work pressure, Liu also said that the year will be organized staff to experience the fun of fishing and harvesting in the ecological park. From the perspective of international and domestic, 2016 the economic situation will be more and more complex and changeful, for we Sanli, facing both severe challenges, also faced with great opportunities. Our management team, especially middle-level management team, the overall quality is not high enough, staff is not stable enough, training and education of workers need to strengthen, these problems need our great efforts to solve. Of work plans and planning in 2016, general manager built from chapter Li system, employee training, continue to adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, Anson production do further planning, so that every one of us can feel the promising prospect of the company and each of us grounded Sanli, Sanli dedication of the firm determination of the, for our future work has a great inspiration and encouragement. General manager of hope broad cadre worker make concerted efforts, surmount, bear in mind the responsibility, fulfill the mission, to create a brilliant future for Sanli and constantly strive for. Subsequently, the host at the meeting summary speech, and we put forward some requirements: a dedication, home to the Sanli, the company for each and every one of us to provide adequate mental and physical security, we since the choice of the Sanli to the love of the Sanli, Sanli dedication, each employee should establish a strong sense of responsibility, based on their own posts, strict demands on themselves, to create a first-class performance. Two to solidarity, the accumulation of power. We should vigorously promote solidarity, and to ensure the effectiveness of a good habit, each department, the company strengthen cooperation, concerted efforts, the overall situation, the principles and dedication, to promote the work of the smooth development. Three to be tough style, enhance motivation and good style is rigorous standards, improve work efficiency, an important guarantee for the effectiveness of the work. We want to cultivate a good style of work, advocate before the robbery rushed out, striving for the top of the spirit, to ensure the successful completion of the objectives of the company. After the leadership of the company and the 2015 annual advanced workers took a group photo.