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The compilation system revision work to achieve substantive results
The compilation system revision work to achieve substantive results
In February 23rd presided over the company office, all branches, departments in charge of collective participation, the system assembly repair at the beginning of the successful completion of the work, and achieved initial results. The revision in both must maintain good personal interests, and does not harm the overall interests of the company; to achieve the overall interests of the company and individual interests of the principle of unity. The revision at the beginning, the participants showed a high enthusiasm. The participants starting from their own actual work, the existing problems and shortcomings in the compilation system, positive suggestions. The revision of a few degrees was intense discussion climax. The participants in active participation, which lasted eight hours, successfully completed the work of the early repair system assembly. Through detailed verbatim amendments to solicit participants, revision work has made some achievements. While maintaining the original unchanged under the premise of the compilation system framework, the system assembly in some provisions be inopportune or inappropriate to be modified or deleted. Which is closely related to employee labor discipline, attendance and other aspects of the leave provisions are made larger changes more prominent humanization, flexibility, practicality. The compilation of the revision of the system is carried out in the senior leadership group under a significant event. It fully reflects the smooth development of company executives to adhere to the system of factory legislation, to manage the system of the factory road. Meeting, the director cattle, of each branch and department can't stop this, hand to continue to continue to perfect the system, standardize the management in practice; on the other hand to convert the core system for everyone to understand the core processes, the system transparent and implemented. We believe that with the times character of three people, will continue to walk in the forefront of the times. HR / Kang Chuanfei