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Do the work of warm water and electricity energy security
Do the work of warm water and electricity energy security
After the Spring Festival in 2016, February 15, eighth of the fourth month of energy department early arrangements on the class, arrange factory electricity transmission, the holiday was found during the emergency services, for the company do before going to work with electricity and water with warm prepared. Holiday during aging was undoubtedly the most radiator and pipe rupture, temperature this winter minimum temperature reached minus 20 degrees, and the highest temperature reaches 12 degrees, the changes in temperature, feed water pipe caused great damage, the energy department of plumbing group work since bear the brunt is the need to solve problem of plumbing. And spring wind, weather, temperature changes faster, larger temperature difference between morning and evening, power lines and equipment also need to prevent supervision and prevention work in spring is also the energy department to strengthen the prevention work points. Energy department is divided into two paths to division of labor and cooperation, all the way rushed to the scene, view maintenance plumbing problems, for tenants and water pipe maintenance replacement do positive work, all the way to do electrical work against the spring. In order to do a good job in spring with safety work of electricity, energy, and actively organize the transmission and distribution lines and equipment of fire safety investigation and management of risks. Department of energy with actual power grid operation, high-voltage transmission lines and distribution lines will be the full range of inspection included in the investigation and management of risks, comprehensive investigation and management of risks of transmission and distribution lines. Equipment for maintenance, found timely processing problems, and to use the standard. Do the work of energy security, good security, protect each plant within the jurisdiction of our electricity, water, warm safety is our responsibility. Department of energy / Niu Shaoli