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Oil companies to carry out on-site health management special rectification
Oil companies to carry out on-site health management special rectification
On-site health management is a gas station, an important part of the standardization management work, combined with "the best marketing is the gas station to ensure high quality service, and maintain a good image" of the service concept, in order to fundamentally solve the refueling station on-site health management work in the presence of dirty and messy ", the health system is not implemented, let stand the overall image of the appearance is not beautiful, etc., practical problems. Oil companies in the gas station to carry out on-site health management of special rectification work, and the formation of long-term mechanism. Specific measures for the establishment of the system, the responsibility to the people. To establish and improve the work requirements and implementation standards of site sanitation management, and define the standards and rules of the site sanitation management work, and earnestly implement the. Through the on-site health management special rectification activities of gas stations, refueling station capacity station appearance overall image significantly improved, gas station health work to standardized management of the work requirements, establish a standardized and orderly long-term health work process, to the vast number of consumers show a good corporate image. (sanli oil feeds)