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Xingtai Coal held staff driving safety conference
Xingtai Coal held staff driving safety conference
Recently, the company organized various departments responsible person held a special meeting on the safety of staff. Meeting stressed nowadays is worth, during the harvest season, riding electric cars and motorcycles to work staff must wear helmets, check the lights, brakes, paste reflective signs, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. On the way to work together as far as possible, while cycling is best not to go, when cycling can not pick up the phone, thunderstorm days more to put an end to the way to pick up the phone, the road is slippery must slow down. Work to be in the habit of early to late go. Don't ride too fast, do not work card points, to concentrate on, do not ride with headphones to listen to the radio or music. "Rather let three minutes, do not grab a second" security always keep in mind, remind, safety slogan in mind. Do not leave a chance to be more responsible for their own point for the family to consider a little more, to comply with the traffic rules, starting from their own!! (coal office feeds)