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Sanli textile held a special security meeting
Sanli textile held a special security meeting
June 18th sunrise textiles held a special security meeting, Qu manager emphasis on safety problem of high temperature period. In view of the high temperature and high humidity season, the body is easy to fatigue, energy is not concentrated and other security issues, the meeting has made several important arrangements: 1, management personnel should be based on the shop floor, the security point, a meeting of the staff to explain in detail, so that their direct infusion into each employee's mind, in the work can be done safely; 2, for a time to troubleshoot security risks as the focus of security checks (waste, air ducts, electrical equipment, etc.), so that security risks as early as possible to eliminate the bud; 3, watching the fire injury safety video, allowing workers to intuitive feel bloody lessons, so that we in the operation can be vigilant, alarm bells ringing. 4, each class staff one by one fire water bag and fire extinguishing device using the actual exercise, each group should do a good job in safety accident emergency plan. All work is the premise of safety first, through our joint efforts of the ring spinning all the staff, we must do a good job in safety, quality and quantity of textile products. (Textile office feeds)