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Oil companies to carry out promotional activities
Oil companies to carry out promotional activities
Beginning in July 5, 2016, the oil company launched a series of promotional activities, specific as follows: 1, during the event, refuel station customers send a gift (napkins, washing liquid, mineral water). 2, during the event, the integral card customers, the exchange of gifts, specific details are as follows: Integral 2000 cup 4 Piece Set Integral 3000 electric kettle The integral 4000 wok 5000 integral electric frying pan Integral 6000 pot three sets Integral 7000 pot three sets (Mai Fanshi) Integral 8000 oven Integral 10000 washing machine Integral 14000-15000 washing machine, electric frying pan Integral 15000-20000 washing machine, oven 3, points accumulated more than 5000 points, giving white gold card, with this card to enjoy 0.5 yuan per liter discount. Integral accumulated more than 10000 points, giving a diamond card, the card to enjoy the benefits of 0.6 yuan per liter of gas. 4, during the event, do recharge card customers, you can enjoy the money to send money activities, while enjoying the membership benefits and membership points. Prepaid card detail table: Prepaid card memory 500 520 1000 1050 1500 1580 2000 2100