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New equipment installation in textile workshop
New equipment installation in textile workshop
In order to meet the market demand, ring spinning new sets of combing equipment, including given and, volume, combing, drawing, spinning flat team under the leadership of the group leader Li Jie, Zhang Jicheng, Meng Tao of, organized the installation team, through carry, tear open package, positioning, installation and each flat car players are in serious, attentive and tense and orderly work, in the hot environment, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, each person's face with a confident smile, every heart has the strength. After a flat car players ten days of fighting, equipments have been installed, today has been formally put into production, players in the car door after the installation, the equipment more understand, technology and knowledge have improved to some extent, laid a good foundation for the future work, in the technology on the to a new level.