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Company to carry out

Sanli Group, the first "Top Ten" young skilled positions in selected activities officially ended on September 8, the activities of the plant leadership and support of factory workers. Recommendations from the various units of selected activities, leadership and the relevant functional departments of the factory's Chuping to the final vote for the whole factory workers, the party committee actively organizing, coordinating, creating an open, fair, fair competition, the selection environment. After the company party branch secretary of the careful counting, ten comrades received "Top Ten" young skilled positions title. Activities of the factory approval from the leadership and financial incentives offered great support. In September 8th General Assembly held company summed up the general manager Liu French read at the conference "Top Ten" of the results, and on-site for the certificate and prize winners.
Through the "Top Ten" selection of activities carried out will further arouse the enthusiasm of young workers in the production, enhance the Party's position in the hearts of employees. Ideas for future work and youth activities such as carrying out civilization has played a catalytic role.