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Sanli Group 2007 Annual awards ceremony
Sanli Group 2007 Annual awards ceremony

The morning of January 1, 2007, the three summary of the work group the recognition of the General Assembly Hall built in the convening of the new group, co-chairman Liu law, general manager Liu French attended the meeting and delivered an important speech to the meeting chaired by the Office of the Director of Liu Chang. Sanli Group of oil companies, Sanli Textile Co., Ltd. Heze Group also attended the awards ceremony.
At the meeting, co-chairman Liu Act, entitled "Three huge profits off 2008 development" an important speech. Speech from eight aspects of the work carried out in 2007 were reviewed; and major work in 2008 made specific arrangements. General Manager and other department heads also made an important statement.
The meeting in 2007 the work emerged more than 50 advanced collectives and advanced individuals were commended. Part of the advanced individuals made a brilliant speech. After the meeting, the company organized a tug of war, technology contest, a variety of activities such as basketball games, and in the company cafeteria for a hearty dinner.