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Sanli Group New Year's party held in 2008
Sanli Group New Year's party held in 2008

New Year's night, the three interest groups in the newly constructed auditorium held a "three-group the New Year's 2007 variety show." Liu, chairman of law and some local leaders together to watch the show.
The variety show programs involving song, dance, comedy, comic, drama, martial arts, colorful programs. Workers with their own song, dance and music to express New Year's wishes and interests of three groups a better vision for the future. Most of the programs choreographed by the workers, very innovative. Performers in each are very serious, dedicated, fine. Wonderful performances, the audience heard from time to time bursts of applause. Entire party in harmony, happiness and laughter through, full of spirit Sanli staff.
Colorful program, demonstrating the multi-talented employees, and positive mental outlook, the company had a spiritual feast dedicated employees. Meanwhile, some workers come to the fore with the acting ability, our staff reflects the artistic talent and good vigor, but also improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of employees, the full realization of the purpose and significance of theatrical performances.