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Address: Matou township development zone, Zouping, China
Zip Code: 256214
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Corporate Culture

Sanli group company culture show:
Li Guo Limin Li people
Committed to the company to build a high efficiency, high efficiency, large-scale scientific and technological enterprise groups!
The purpose of enterprise:
The creation of wealth, tosociety, returns to shareholders, staff!
The spirit of enterprise:
Self-reliance, hard work, seeking truth from facts, pioneering and innovative!
The three people's qualities:
Firm goal, simple, focused, optimistic, not to give up!
-Business philosophy:
Do business is to do good deeds!
The concept of development:
To catch up with the advanced, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to look up to the world!
Integrity, win-win!
The Zhichang strategy:
People-oriented, respect for people, trust people, Guan Airen!
-The company boundary:
Prohibition of the occupation of the company's property, the prohibition against the interests of the company, the prohibition of disclosure of corporate secrets, the prohibition against the company's superior!