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Address: Matou township development zone, Zouping, China
Zip Code: 256214
Tel :0086-543-4762248 4761766
Fax :0086-543-4761988
About Sanli

    Zouping Sanli Group Co., Ltd. is a purchase and sale of oil, close the textile, textile production, coal integrated logistics group, is one of the largest local private enterprises. Companies registered capital of 100 million yuan, total assets of $ 1.6 billion, more than 2,600 employees, covers an area of ​​2000 mu in 2011 is expected to achieve sales income of 100 billion yuan. Group consists of Zouping Sanli Textile Co., Zouping Sanli Petroleum Co., Zouping Xingtai Coal Co., Zouping Sanli Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., Eco Textile Co., Ltd. Bamboo should students, Zouping Sanli Transportation Co., Ltd..
    Zouping Sanli Group Co., Ltd. has formed a basic cotton, waste cotton purchasing and processing, spinning, compact spinning, the bamboo should be raw textile, coal, logistics, oil and energy as the main large-scale private enterprises. Market-oriented company, with new product development as a leader, continuously improve product quality and technological level, the implementation of "step by step, and rolling development" strategy, with its strong foundation to develop and produce high-end products as the main direction, from the international big market perspective, and actively participate in market competition, rapid realization of economies of scale, the company has the international first level of production equipment, apply the latest scientific research to further adjust the industrial structure, product mix, efforts to improve the management level, and gradually the company built a high efficiency, cost-effective, large-scale private enterprise group.
    Adjust the structure to the way the company to increase the intensity of the steady restructuring of traditional industries, new product development more scientific, focusing on the implementation of brand driven, successful Chinese Famous Brand in China's famous brands, Chinese green products based on traditional industries to increase restructuring and upgrading efforts, focus on doing the "Bamboo should students 'construction of textile-based brands, the" Bamboo should students' home textiles sold throughout the country.  
    Do a good job and the introduction of high-tech talents, do everything possible to develop new markets, accelerate new product development, accelerate the annual output of 100,000 tons of new energy projects the rate of progress, make good use of my Xingtai Coal Industry Group will be approved national logistics public service platform, with the focus of this year's coal supply plans, and strive to do the modern logistics industry. Development of the company fast, effective, good prospects, many times by higher authorities of the recognition, access to Star Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise, science and technology enterprise, national quality, service, AAA grade enterprises Honor.